Thursday, October 22, 2009

Diary 9 - great initiative to help pregnant women in Indian cities !

Diary 9 - great initiative to help pregnant women in Indian cities ! I am very interested in patient empowerment and patient education, and this is an area I follow closely. Most of the action seems to happen in the US . Very few Indian companies have taken any initiative in this field , which is a shame.

I am glad to see that things are now slowly changing ! UHC India has started a great new program called Diary 9 , which provides pregnant women with a comprehensive antenatal care package , in partnership with their doctor.

This is a great win-win solution. While most obstetricians provide good medical care, pregnant women have hundreds of other queries and doubts, which the doctor simply does not have the time ( or energy or desire ) to answer ! The Diary 9 program provides a comprehensive package of tests, scans and educational classes at a huge financial discount to women, so that they can take better care of themselves . Not only does this ensure that they get high quality medical care at an affordable cost, it also allows their obstetrician to focus on the medical aspects of their care.

At present, this is available only in select metropolises - but as time goes by, I am sure it will become more widely available !

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