Sunday, October 18, 2009

How clever new websites and medical entrepreneurs in the US are promoting medical tourism in India

Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular . Many infertile couples come to India for their IVF treatment because they are looking for value for money and refuse to pay the astronomical fees IVF clinics in the US charge.

One major bottleneck in the past was the fact that their local US doctors would often refuse to prescribe the basic tests and medications they needed for their IVF treatment. Because of this, many patients were locked into the US medical system, and could not explore alternative options.

The good news is that now there are alternative options available to US patients, so they are no longer completely dependent upon the cooperation of their local MD. This gives them a lot of freedom !

Here are examples of 3 websites which allow me to help patients living in the USA, even before they come to me.

Most patients will need some basic medical tests done before we can start their IVF treatment.

These include blood tests to check their hormone levels, such as FSH, LH, prolactin and TSH. These can now be ordered online at !

Also, they need imaging studies, such as a vaginal ultrasound scan. They can now find a radiologist to do this scan for them at !

Finally, they can buy their medicines at !

Will this encourage overtesting or self-testing. The simple answer is - No. Patients still need a doctor's prescription to do these tests and buy these medicines. The only difference is that they are no longer forced to use their local doctor's services - they can find another doctor ( often better and less expensive) in India !

This means that patients are now empowered to manage their own treatment ( with some help from me !) and are no longer limited by the expensive options their local medical facility offers ! Even better, because these websites cut out the middleman, patients end up saving a lot of money by using these services, which are priced very competitively and transparently.

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