Friday, October 23, 2009

Why patients are unhappy with their doctor

I often treat patients who have failed an IVF cycle at another clinic. I always ask them what they liked about their earlier clinic; and what they didn't. We hope to learn from their experiences, so we can incorporate the positive features, and try to make sure we don't do things patients dislike.

One common complaint is - I never got to see my doctor after the first consultation ! There are too many assistants in the clinic, and every time, I see a new face and have to repeat my entire history all over again. There is no continuity, and if I ask questions, the commonest reply is - " I will have to check with the main doctor and find out the answer. " . This means most of my questions remain unanswered.

There is no bonding or empathy between the staff and me - and there is no one I can turn to in the clinic to hold my hand or provide a shoulder to cry on.

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