Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank you email from a grateful patient

Dear Dr Malpani,

Trust you are doing well and hope you had a great Diwali.I wanted to keep you posted on my health progress after my unfortunate miscarriage.My monthly cycles have resumed and appear to be quite normal. Post my miscarriage which happened on 24th August 09 I had my monthly cycle on 17th Sep 09 and next one on 14th Oct 09. The cycle seems to be very much regular and normal. As per your earliesr instructions I plan to undergo an ultrasound scan on the 10th day of my period this month i.e.24th Oct which is tomorrow and shall keep informed of the results. I believe this scan is to be done to check endometrium lining post the D&C process. Kindly let me know if I need to check anything else so that I may inform the sonologist accordingly.

In the meanwhile I wanted to inform you that I have been a regular visitor on your blog and website and would like to inform you that the blog posts and web info are simply amazing !!! In fact in one of your older blog spots I found a very interesting and informative article and wesbite link on miscarriage and trust me its was very useful for me. The information on the website helped me better face my trauma. I have regained my mental stability much faster even though my miscarriage was extremely traumatic for me. As advised by you I also attended an Art of Living course and have learnt some good meditation techniques. To sum up, I am gearing myself up for my next cycle with you and eagerly look forward to your support and guidance. I plan to visit you in Jan 2010.

Thanks a lot Doctor for all your help. May God bless you and your family and keep you healthy and happy always.......

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