Sunday, October 11, 2009

Preparing for failure - what every IVF patient needs to know !

Every patient does IVF with the hope that this will be their first and last IVF cycle. There is so much time, money and energy invested in the hope that the IVF cycle will succeed, that most patients refuse to even think about the possibility of failure.

Most doctors are also very hopeful that the cycle will work. Also, they don't want to scare their patient away, which is why they often don't talk much about the risk of failure.

Unfortunately, refusing to think about failure is a form of self-delusion, which ends up hurting both patient and doctor !

The one thing I have learnt from my entrepreneur friends is that the path to success is littered with failures - and this is as true of making babies as it is of running companies !

Preparing for failure does not mean you are a pessimist. It just means that you are being a realist - and this will help you cope better, in case the cycle does not work.

And if it does work, then you've not really lost anything be being mentally prepared !

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