Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Question Box - Village Health Hotline - The 6th Annual World Health Care Congress

Question Box - Village Health Hotline - The 6th Annual World Health Care Congress: " Question Boxes bring information directly to low-income people in a way that is safe, clear, and inexpensive. Currently we provide All-Questions-Answered Services in India and Uganda, and agricultural hotlines in Uganda. The system has many health care advantages. Question Boxes are metal boxes with a speaker, mic, and pushbutton. For health applications, users push the button to connect to an on-call health expert who speaks their local language. The caller can then ask any sort of health question they want. The friendly expert can help with telephone diagnosis, health and hygiene advice, and directions to the nearest appropriate medical center. Further services such as childcare advice, ongoing patient case management, and user surveying could also be incorporated. The Question Box works via existing mobile phone networks, and can run on solar power. They can be placed in any trusted location – health centers, schools, government buildings, etc. It is a tool that easily plugs into existing health infrastructure. In areas where people, especially women, are not comfortable asking their local health care provider, it provides a safe way to get information anonymously. To increase privacy, put a booth around the Question Box. No literacy required. 1 billion adults, majority women, are illiterate. No memorization of hotline numbers – just use the Question Box. Callers can also access via their phones. Brings foot traffic to the location. A window into inaccessible communities. Health surveys and sponsored messages can be offered. Provides information in the most comfortable way – through talking and listening."

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