Monday, October 26, 2009

Clever new features in medical software for Indian doctors

I asked Aditya Patkar, Marketing Director at Plus91, as to what Indian doctors like about their software. Here's his reply.

At Plus91, we have introduced many exciting new features into our software. These products are specifically targeted at doctors and clinics in the Indian Market. Here are some of the features we offer that are appreciated by doctors.

1. SMS and Email integration – This allows inexpensive communication with patients ! Today, all of India communicates on the mobile , so why not doctors ?

2. Data Protection - Online automatic back up saves your data in case of a crash . You can also backup your entire PC onto an external hard disk provided by us. Keeping the data safe and secure has always been a priority , and we allow you to do this easily and painlessly !

3. Point and click interfaces - Simple graphical user interfaces makes learning easy and life simple for the doctor. A short learning curve ensures that the doctor and his staff can start using the software within minutes !

4. Online EMR – We allow doctors the ability to offer their patients records online for easy access. This is especially useful for patients from out of town or those who travel a lot.

5. Online Support and Updates – This means that doctors no longer need to wait for the technician or support engineer to arrive at the clinic. We can fix your problem online, instantly !

6. Structured Reporting – Every medical specialty needs to capture specific data. We have developed a huge library of customized templates for each specialty. These are already pre-loaded, so you can select what works best for you and start work from Day 1 !

7. Flexible customization. Each specialist has their own way of taking a history and recording data. We can customise each template, so that it fits your habits and workflow. This adaptability means the software learns your preferences and you don’t have to change anything you do !

8. Intelligent software which minimizes typing. We understand doctors hate looking at a keyboard and many are painfully slow typists. Plus91 has many clever features including memory and auto-complete, so you don’t have to keep on typing – Plus91 does this automatically for you, making date entry fast and efficient !

9. Ability to export data . Our export to excel feature is appreciated by Doctors ( and their CAs !) as it helps them to send their accounting figures to their CAs without any headache. Since we use XML and are HL7 compliant, all this data will be interoperable with other medical software packages !

10. Adding attachments – You can capture and attach videos, images and documents to the patient record, so the software allows you to do everything with one package !

Plus91 Technologies Pvt Ltd


  1. One of the reason that medical practitioner do not use software is that it leaves record for someone else to see and judge, evaluate. Medical practice in India is not transparent and open as in developed world.

  2. Thanks for the sharing of such information we will pass it on to our readers.


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