Monday, October 19, 2009

Search Engine Optimization for Doctors -

Search Engine Optimization for Doctors -: "'But do local patients even search online for my profession or specialty?'
While in the early days of the Internet doctors typically overestimated the number of searchers online, today we notice that most doctors underestimate the number of potential patients they could reach through their Web searches. Your highest income, most educated patients do, in fact, search for you on the Web.

Moreover, the higher risk, serious, scary and/or expensive treatments are particularly likely to be searched. Thus, patients considering surgery are more likely to search online than those who are considering upgrading the style of their eyeglasses.

Finally, patients often use the web as a way of doing due diligence. So even if their family doctor has referred referred them to you, they still may want to 'check you out' before coming in for an appointment. And even if they don't their sons and relatives will do so !

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