Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How can I trust my doctor

As a patient, you need to trust your doctor. However , how do you find a doctor whom you can trust. There is no easy answer to this complex problem. Most patients will rely on their family doctor to refer them to a specialist - and will then blindly obey whatever this doctor advises. Others will choose a doctor by his reputation, and then faithfully follow his instructions. When the outcome is good ( as it usually is !), this method works well. However, if something goes wrong, patients become bitter and curse the doctor. They feel he took undue advantage of their blind trust in him; and seek revenge.

I tell patients they they must find a doctor they can trust - but the doctor needs to earn this trust. You cannot just give it away ! Listen to the doctor's advise, and then check on the web whether his advise makes sense or not ! If it does , then your confidence in the doctor increases even more ! " Trust, then verify " is a very sensible approach.

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