Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why aren't Indian patients blogging ?

Indians pride themselves on their IT skills and yet there are such few Indian patients blogging. I wonder why this is so ? Many of my patients are articulate, polished and have an opinion which is worth broadcasting !

I am sure many IT professionals have medical problems - such as diabetes, hypertension and infertility ! Why don't they use the Web and their IT skills to help others cope better with these ? Why aren't they willing to share their experiences and expertise so that others can learn from them ?

Patients from the US are doing a great job at empowering other patients. A favourite example is ! However, all this information is coming from the US, and is of little use to an Indian living in Bangalore. Why can't Indian IT professionals innovate and harness the power of the Web to improve healthcare ? This is something which will help them - and their family members as well ! Do they feel they don't know enough about medicine to do this right ? What are the hurdles which prevent them from doing so ?

If Indian patients do not make themselves heard, how will their doctors ever improve ?

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