Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How do you choose a doctor?

My daughter , Natasha, just underwent surgery, and this is a guest post from her.

My father has written volumes on this topic- but I didn't give the question much importance until I underwent elective surgery.
I underwent a relatively simple and common procedure, but I was still hyper about my doctor.

I went to a really famous doctor for my first consult. He had people flying in from all over the world to see him, and had been fecilitated by the government for his services. He had expensive, brand new equipment- but I refused to see him again.
He spent absolutely no time on me, barely glanced at me reports, waved away all my doubts, and tried to get me to do the procedure as soon as possible.
He acted like a hard selling salesman- and I didn't want to be a customer, I wanted to feel like my doctor actually cared about my health.

The other doctor I went to was a complete contrast. He did all the tests himself, set aside an hour to answer my questions, had all his protocols in place, gave his patients sheets explaining what to do before and after the surgery, and what to expect during the procedure.
He clearly stated that I should not go through with it unless I was comfortable with it, and wanted it to be my decision.

I know that in the end, they're both in it for the money- but their approach makes such a difference. The second doctor was located in a far less convenient location- but I was willing to go across town for him, and will recommend him to people, simply because he spent time on me. He also had a great website, that addressed all my fears and questions- which again was a big plus point in his favor.

I'm happy to report that the surgery went well :)

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