Thursday, October 08, 2009

Start-Ups Aim to Transform Visits to the Doctor - Bits Blog -

Start-Ups Aim to Transform Visits to the Doctor - Bits Blog - "The doctor’s office seems to be one of the last places not yet transformed by Web technology, but a handful of tech start-ups are trying to change that.

Most patients still call to make an appointment and wait on hold to speak with a receptionist. When they arrive at the office, they fill out their medical history and contact information on paper that is filed away in a folder. Many doctors still take handwritten notes on charts that are difficult to share with the patient and other physicians, and write paper prescriptions that patients must carry to the pharmacy.

This year, the pace of technological change has accelerated as start-ups try to change the way doctors and patients interact. American Well, which we covered last year, enables doctor visits via Webcam. Another example is Keas, a new service that Steve Lohr wrote about in The Times on Tuesday. It helps patients by providing personalized reminders, advice and wellness plans based on their health information."

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