Sunday, October 11, 2009

Get Better Advice by Taking Notes - Moleskine - Lifehacker

Get Better Advice by Taking Notes - Moleskine - Lifehacker: "I think the act of taking notes in front of others (especially doctors) entices them to give me more time and better information. Three times lately I have pulled out my moleskine and started taking notes in front of a doctor. Each time I have received tips, web site references, and ideas. In one case I believe a vet spent and extra 20 minutes discussing my bird's issues and coping strategies. I can't be sure that this is a real cause-and-effect pattern, but it feels like one. I think that when the moleskine comes out it signals the doctor that here is someone who will follow up on the advice that's given and sets up a virtuous circle of sorts."

It's also a good idea to show your notes to the doctor, so he can check them for accuracy and make comments !

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