Saturday, October 17, 2009

Online health care shopping made simple and affordable.

Online health care shopping made simple and affordable.: " RemakeHealth’s online health care shopping site gives you a new way save money on your medical expenses. We help you answer questions such as “How much does an MRI scan cost?” and then let you conveniently, safely buy your doctor ordered Radiology test with your credit card. Our site features over 1500 Radiology centers in California, Florida New York, Arizona, New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Texas and more featuring nearly every outpatient Radiology test."

This is a brilliant idea.

Medical imaging tests cost an arm and a leg - and most patients have no idea how much each test costs, because their insurance pays for this.

This clever site allows uninsured patients to shop around for the best value - and this kind of transparency will help patients to get the best prices for their tests.

It's a win-win situation, because it also allows Imaging service providers to get direct referrals !

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