Sunday, October 25, 2009

Penguin Problem in EMR Adoption | EMR and HIPAA

Penguin Problem in EMR Adoption | EMR and HIPAA: "Vince Kuraitis opened my eyes to a new term called the “Penguin Problem” and applying it to EMR adoption. Here’s the principle: Economists call it “The Penguin Problem” — No one moves unless everyone moves, so no one moves. Considering our paltry 15% or so EMR adoption rate, it seems like this is an apt description of EMR adoption as well. It does seem like many doctors are on the sidelines waiting for the first adopters to stick their proverbial heads out of the water and show all the other penguins the fish they’ve gotten."

Doctors are very conservative and hidebound and are reluctant to be the first to adopt new technology. However, by failing to do so , many of them are losing on a great new opportunity to improve their productivity and their patient care services. Lagging behind the competition can cause them to lose patients !

Why aren't more doctors willing to take the approach most entrepreneurs do ? Give it a try and see if it works ? What can software companies do which will encourage doctors to take this risk ? Offer free demos ? A free 30 day trial ? a money back option ?

I actually think this is an opportunity for clever doctors who want to stand out from the rest of the crowd !

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  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    The medical comunity is generally trained to follow the script and not diverge from it in any way because the established method works and nobody is adversly affected. Clinicians are ghange adverse, and nurses are trained that if you dont follow the established process sombody dies.
    There is a huge amount of research available about EMR adoption and risitance to change in the medical comunity.


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