Thursday, October 15, 2009

How Plus91 helps doctors to say Yes ! to medical software

This is a follow up post from Aditya Patkar of Plus91 . His earlier post discussed why Indian doctors say No to medical software. This explains how Plus91 gets them to say Yes !

1. I am not IT savvy and do not want to invest in buying and learning new stuff. This is a good opportunity to make the doctor realize how Plus91's clever technology can help to improve their life. Real-life stories which show how other doctors have used Plus91 products successfully can help them to overcome their skepticism.

2. I am too old or old fashioned to invest in a software program now . This is probably the toughest lot to convince, because they are contented with that they have and do not feel the need to improve or upgrade. Showing them that Plus91 is easy to use and does not involve a lot of computer skills or typing can help.

3. I already have a software program and I quite like it. This can be a tough group to convince , especially if they are in love with their old software. Ask them to show you what they like about their existing product. This can actually be a great learning experience for you, and by incorporating these features, we can improve Plus91 even more ! If Plus91 is better, then we emphasise these benefits !

4. I bought a software program but I wasted time and money, because it was of no use.
This is the “burnt child dreads the fire “ syndrome. We spend a lot of time and energy explaining why Plus91 is better and how we provide excellent after sales support. It’s worth spending this time, because these doctors are the “early adopters “ – and are likely to become evangelists if your product does a good job !

5. I am not too keen on introducing a program in my practise as I do not have the time to use it - I am too busy taking care of patients and cannot waste time on a computer, entering data . Plus91 is easy to install; and this installation will not disrupts the clinic’s smooth working. In fact, a Plus91 can actually help the doctor to save time and to see more patients by improving his efficiency !

6. I do not think your software meets my requirements. I want more/less/something different . The beauty about Plus91 products is that it’s very easy for us to modify the templates. We can customise and adapt these to suit each doctor’s convenience – and we can even do this online ! Clever technology allows us to adapt the program to the doctor, rather than forcing the doctor to adapt his habits to suit our program !

7. I do not want to meet you, as I am not interested . Some doctors have already made up their mind and are likely to be the dinosaurs who get left behind, because they cannot adapt and evolve with changing times. If they tell us why they are not interested, we can try to explain to them why it’s worth their while to at least allow us to demonstrate our product to them, rather than reject it out of hand.

8. I prefer the cheaper or free option I am getting from my relative/pharma company/local provider. Remind them that you get what you pay for – and if you pay peanuts, you are likely to get shoddy stuff, which works poorly, and is likely to be more of a liability, rather than an asset. It’s not a good idea to allow them to bargain or to offer a discount. You need to explain that the product is an investment, not an expense and will pay for itself in improved productivity very quickly. If the doctor is stuck on the price, it’s better to walk away rather than to haggle, because our products are inexpensive and very well designed. Doctors have to agree to pay for quality and service – nothing in life is free !

9. I cannot type. Yes, this is a major hurdle for doctors who cannot type and are uncomfortable with using the keyboard. Fortunately, the introduction of tablet PCs with handwriting recognition and voice recognition will make it much easier for them to use an EMR.

10. I do not have a PC . This has become a very uncommon excuse in this day and age. PCs have become very inexpensive and we can always get them a good deal in partnership with a vendor. Once we teach them how a PC can improve their life, they are always be grateful to us !

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