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Success After Many IVF Failures

This is guest post from one of our patients.

This is my success story after I faced many failures.

First of all let me introduce myself. I am 32yrs old and was working as a software engineer. My husband is 39yrs old and is a manager in a media company. We are from Bangalore, India. We have been married for the last 4 years i.e. since 2005. I conceived within the first six months of my marriage. But unfortunately it was diagnosed as an ectopic pregnancy on the Left Fallopian Tube. I underwent a Laparoscopy. Next time also it was an Ectopic Pregnancy on the same side. My left –side fallopian Tube was then removed & the right-side tube was blocked . Apart from this problem of Fallopian tube everything else was normal with both me & my husband.

An IVF was thus the only option for me to conceive again. We took IVF treatment at Bangalore twice - first time with the regular cycle, the second time with the frozen embryo cycle. But unfortunately it wasn't successful either time.

Then we again visited a series of IVF specialists in Bangalore for consultation. But none of them were satisfactory as their attitudes were very business minded & for them we were another set of experimental models. None of them were able to convince and inspire confidence in us.

We gave up the idea of taking treatment in Bangalore & decided that we will go for the best even if it required us to travel out of Bangalore for the same. After some research on the internet, we came across Dr.Malpani’s website. The site itself was so impressive, simple, did not boast too much & it was very informative. Believe me even though we had attempted IVF cycle earlier, only after going through Dr.Malpani’s website we got a clear picture of what the treatment is. We mailed explaining our concerns & we were so happy to receive the response from Dr.Aniruddha Malpani himself just within few hours.

It is then we decided that we would take the treatment here. But since both me & my husband were never able to get leave from work simultaneously . As a result, we had to cancel our appointment with Dr.Malpani many times.

In the mean time, in April’08, my husband got transferred to Hyderabad & I had to quit my job. It was a blessing in disguise for us. Finally we decided to take the plunge & we got an appointment in July’08. We thought we had to undergo a series of tests. But were very surprised by Dr.Malpani’s advice – he asked me to undergo some normal hormonal blood tests for me & absolutely nothing for my husband. He in fact advised me to undergo the tests at Hyderabad itself. We were advised that the treatment would take approx 3 weeks. My husband told that he would join when he is actually required for the treatment.

I proceeded alone to Mumbai with lot of things going on in my mind. But I was least scared as I had built a rapport with the doctor through emails. So I didn’t even feel that I am going to meet a stranger in a unknown city. In fact I felt excited & confident as my inner conscience told me that I would be successful here & my dream of having a baby would come true here. So I was very eager to meet Dr.Malpani.
I was so pleased when I first went to their clinic. I was very much impressed by the simplicity, honesty & care for the patients.T he staff at Malpani Infertility clinic welcomed me as if they had known me for a long time & more importantly as a friend & not as a patient. I was just impressed by the clinic because first of all it didn’t give me the atmosphere of a hospital.It was bright, colourful, filled with soft toys & soothing music.

Finally I met Dr. Aniruddha Malpani. Though I was a bit anxious, he put all my fears at rest. He gave me so much confidence & told that since I was young & had no other problem, it would be easy & just a matter of time. He told me to give lot of eggs & the rest he would take care. I was started on injections from Day 1 itself. I stayed at Thane at our relatives house & the doctor told I could take my injections there itself. Though my stay in Mumbai was 3 weeks my visits to the clinic were very minimal.

Finally the D-day arrived for Egg Retrieval & my husband also joined me. I was not at all scared as I knew that I was handled by very efficient & experienced doctors. I had met Dr.Anjali Malpani just once before this operation & I just felt that she was my long lost friend. The operation was over successfully & they told me that I had developed 32 eggs out of which 18 were of excellent quality. Even though I was hyper stimulated, Dr.Malpani assured me that there was absolutely nothing to worry.
Exactly after 2 days, 4 embryos were transferred which was done by Dr.Anjali. She did it with so much of ease & it was absolutely painless. After resting for couple of days, my husband & I travelled back to Hyderabad.

The 2-week wait period seemed very long & was full of anxiety. On the 11th day, I had bleeding. We thought all was over. I called up the doctor. But he gave me lot of confidence & asked us not to lose hope. Finally on day 14 we got the blood test done. To our luck it came out positive. The second blood test tripled & we were overjoyed. But all of a sudden the bleeding increased. I was advised bed rest. But the third reading showed a steep decline in the beta HCG value. It was all over. All our dreams were shattered. I was broken completely & lost all trust in God. But after a couple of days, Dr.Malpani himself called & consoled us by telling that God certainly had something best in store for us. We felt a lot better after he spoke to us. Infact I came out of my brooding after his convincing talk & his never-give- up attitude. I didn’t want to try again & wanted to some time to come out of it. But I kept in touch with the Malpanis through emails. Dr.Malpani’s emails filled me with lot of confidence & made me strong again.

Finally after a year I decided to undergo the IVF once again in June’09. This time it was not an elaborate procedure as already the embryos were frozen & it just had to be transferred. Everything went off smoothly. This time I was more relaxed comparatively.

The first blood test report showed very high values of beta HCG. We were all overjoyed. But again there was intermittent bleeding & spotting. As usual Dr.Malpani assured us that nothing would go wrong this time. But however I was advised bed rest & my medicines were increased. Subsequent blood test reports tripled values of beta HCG. But still I was very scared. Finally it was time for the first scanning & we were overjoyed to know that 2 embryos had implanted. But suddenly my bleeding increased. Dr.Malpani told that one might be disintegrating & he assured me that at least one would remain. I was still worried & had almost given up.
The second scan revealed that there is only one embryo with another empty sac. Dr.Malpani told it might be the vanishing twin. I was happy that at least one remained.

The third scan was really a miracle. The one twin/embryo which had vanished had appeared again. So now I am pregnant with twins. My husband and I were overjoyed & just could not believe it - We immediately told the good news to Dr.Malpani. He was also very happy for us.

Now I am 16 weeks pregnant & waiting for the arrival of my babies. The recent scan revealed that everything was normal. I update Dr.Malpani at each step & still continue to take his advice for even the smallest of things. He has immense patience & replies to all my emails immediately. When ever required he calls up & advises me. This personal touch is what that appealed to us.

Their team is equally good, sincere, honest & very friendly. The kind of treatment is extremely personal not just professional & very dedicated. The positive aura of the Malpanis makes one feel very confident & it is very true. It was a home away from home for me. They made us feel very comfortable. We were least apprehensive & completely trusted them. It is because of their confidence & determination that I have been able to achieve success & have come so far. They are very supportive. It is truly a patient friendly infertility clinic & they really help to build the family. Any amount of appreciation is less. They are really God sent for people who have to conceive through treatment.

We sincerely thank Dr.Malpani & Dr.Anjali from the bottom of our hearts.We also thank their extremely helpful & friendly staff.

We pray that the Almighty continue to shower His choicest blessings on the Malpanis & let them find many more successes & help many more couples in distress to build their family.

Thanks a ton.

Mrs Sumana Murthy

[email protected]

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