Friday, October 30, 2009

NotifierRx to Reduce Hostpital Readmissions | Audiopoint

NotifierRx to Reduce Hostpital Readmissions | Audiopoint: "NotifierRx reduces expensive hospital readmissions by automating your pre and post op patient communication and follow-up through a two-way interactive system over any telephone. Instead of a series of simple pre-recorded messages, the NotifierRx platform automates patient interaction to ensure accountability made possible through this truly interactive system.

Each patient receives a series of personalized reminders and queries. Responses are collected from your patient and fed directly to your internal records. Through this interactive, voice-enabled platform, problems with patient compliance can be identified quickly triggering additional patient recommendations, notifying staff of assessment updates, and even automated scheduling and rescheduling.

NotifierRx provides immediate feedback to the patient and staff during a sequence of automated follow up calls."

I am very excited about the way voice and data are being cleverly married together to help to improve medical care !

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