Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Applying Customer-Driven Innovation to Health Care

Applying Customer-Driven Innovation to Health Care: " Customer-driven innovation has many applications in the health care arena. Most health care consumers are trying to manage their health and health care within the context of a very busy life. For example, I’m a working mother, and often find it difficult to schedule and in some cases change appointments for my children. The physician’s office could do a lot to help make this easier. Even seemingly small things, such as including both the physician’s name and phone number on all communications, can make a big difference. Appointment reminders can also be quite useful, particularly if such reminders are set up to reach me “where I am”—for example, via cell phone or e-mail. The same approach can be used to help customers self-manage chronic conditions—for example, by sending timely, easy-to-access reminders about when and how to take medications. These relatively simple changes can often be “delight drivers” for health care customers."

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