Wednesday, December 06, 2006

MHR - Mobile Health Record

MHR - Mobile Health Record: "Today, hospitals are challenged with the task of integrating comprehensive patient information from not only their disparate inpatient systems, but also from outpatient settings such as affiliated practices, clinics and surgery centers.

This growing demand for the full information from physicians and other medical staff is further compounded when the mobile nature of clinicians’ workflows make it necessary for the information to be easily accessible from nearly any location.

To address this challenge of integrating patient information from all care settings - the hospital, practices, clinics and surgery centers - and then delivering that information to today’s highly-mobile clinicians, MercuryMD has developed the Mobile Health Record (MHR).

Similar in size and scope to an electronic health record (EHR), this unique solution from MercuryMD provides clinicians with ubiquitous access to comprehensive patient information irregardless of workflow settings or disparate systems located in different geographic care settings."

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