Wednesday, December 06, 2006

IVF tourism

IVF tourism: " When faced with long waiting lists or age limits on treatment at home, it may be tempting to seek treatment abroad. You may get access to treatments or procedures not allowed in the UK and costs are often lower. It may also be easier to find an egg donor in other countries where, unlike in the UK, donors can ask for payment.

However, it's important to apply the same criteria as when choosing a UK clinic and to consider the pros and cons carefully before going ahead.


* Faster, cheaper treatment.
* Tests, drugs and treatments not available in the UK may be on offer (for instance, sex selection).
* There may be no age limits for treatments.
* Less strict limits on the number of embryos implanted, which appears to increase the chance of pregnancy but not necessarily the chance of giving birth to a (healthy) baby."

It's interesting to see that even the BBC offers reproductive tourism as a good choice for UK patients !

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