Friday, December 01, 2006

TelaDoc: Affordable Healthcare. Talk to Doctor 24/7

TelaDoc: Affordable Healthcare. Talk to Doctor 24/7: "Here are some of the reasons that individuals utilize TelaDoc services:

* Telephone medical consults cost $35 – about the same as many co-pays.
* Some doctors are not accessible during evenings and weekends or do not work after hours.
* It is sometimes difficult for a doctor to squeeze in a patient on the same day that the patient calls; TelaDoc will talk to the patient within three hours or less or the consult is free.
* Many physicians insist upon face-to-face office visits because managed care doesn’t pay them unless the patient comes into the office.
* Sick patients must sometimes wait 4 or 5 days before a daytime office visit can be scheduled – resulting in members missing or disrupting their own workday.
* Families resort to urgent care facilities or the Emergency Room for after-hours care – which can take hours, requires travel and costs dramatically more."

By combining this clever concept with a PHR ( personal health record) and video-conferencing ( so the doctor can see the patient), we could add even more value !

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