Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Guest entry from Revolution Health

I am pleased to feature this guest entry by Brett Hodges , who has been doing pioneering work in empowering patients.

As you may have heard, my website RemedyFind has been purchased by a start-up company called Revolution Health. Revolution Health was created by Steve Case (AOL founder) and others, with the goal of bringing constructive change to health care. The aim is to give people the tools, information and support to actively manage their health and wellness. I’m now a Revolution Health employee and think the new company has the ideals, and resources, to really achieve some amazing things.

We will do this by attempting to answer (and solve) seemingly simple questions – Why do I have to fill out the same forms every time I go to a new doctor? Why are my medical records impossible to get a hold of? Why is it easier to find a restaurant than a doctor?

Our first step in trying to meet this lofty goal is to launch our web site. Over time, it will have some of the best technologies, communities and Internet resources assembled in one place. We’re in the testing phase right now and I’m inviting friends and colleagues to preview the site before it’s made available to the general public. We need your contributions to make this site truly great!

Please go to and register now (it’s free).

You’ll have immediate access to everything Revolution Health has to offer on our first day. Once you register, I hope you’ll visit us often at <> . You can also invite others to this exclusive preview, and I hope you do. They can access the site through the same address -

Here are a few things you can do on the site:

  • Rate your doctor and see what others say
  • Try a cool tool – understand your risks – learn what to do about them
  • Ask health questions and get answers from people like you
  • Fill out a profile and invite others into your circle
  • Learn about our upcoming health membership program

Note: By the way, if you have a Mac, you should use a Firefox browser instead of Safari (we are working on accommodating Safari for our public debut).

Thanks again for participating in our preview and for being an important part of the launch and building of Revolution Health.

All the best, Brett Hodges

Check out his website - this is the trend of the future ! Thanks to the internet, patients are going to have lots of options in the future - and hopefully as this becomes a buyer's market, the sellers ( doctors and hospitals) will offer patients much more choice !

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