Saturday, January 06, 2007

Health consumerism | The wellness boom |

Health consumerism | The wellness boom | "There is growing evidence that focusing holistically on wellness can reduce health-care costs by emphasising prevention over treatment. Mr Case reckons that one of the roots of today's health-care crisis, especially in America, is that prevention and care are not suitably joined up. A growing number of employers now promote wellness at work, both to cut costs and to reduce stress and health-related absenteeism, says Jon Denoris of Catalyst Health, a gym business in London. He has been helping the British arm of Harley Davidson, a motorbike-maker, to develop a wellness programme for its workers.

The desire to reduce health-care costs is one force behind the rise of the wellness industry; the other is the growing demand from consumers for things that make them feel healthier. "

Finally, healthcare will become an industry which looks after your health, rather than one which taks care only of ill patients !

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