Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Benefits of the EHR

Benefits of the EHR: "The Electronic Health Record is globally accepted as a necessity:

* to better meet patient expectations,
* to expedite many tedious work processes such as prescription writing and creation of chart notes, service administration, research, planning and audit, communication between patients and providers, fiscal governance
* to create new ways in which the health of our patients can be improved
* to improve cost efficiency due to raising demands of healthcare and the aging population
* Portability – travel, second opinions, emigration, working abroad, distant working and support for developing countries and as part of aid, war, famine and assistance to refugees While professional experience with the EHR is generally positive, there are even more opportunities for improving care with the EHR once patients have access to their own records.

Evidence-based benefits include:

* Improving the relationship between clinician and patient
* Improving trust between patient and clinician
* Practical support for patients in managing their health
* Improving compliance
* Patients feel empowered to make decisions about their health?
* More efficient use of consulting time"

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