Monday, January 22, 2007

Hii Electronic Health Record System

Hii Electronic Health Record System: "The Hii™ Universal-Lifetime Electronic Health Record System is a longitudinal, interoperable, and multiprovider- and multidiscipline-based electronic health record system prototype. Its patented software architecture provides an easy and economical way to:

* Manage many millions of pieces of health data per person, coming from any number of sources, for a truly complete health record.

* Store the data in highly secure, virus-proof record-files, portions of which are accessible by authorized individuals anywhere and anytime, even as a patient moves through various healthcare settings.

* Provide extensive interoperability enabling patient health information to be exchanged among disparate clinicians and other authorized entities in real time and under stringent security, privacy and other protections.

* Use these data in conjunction with clinical decision-support software systems, helping to establish, deliver and evaluate evidence-based clinical pathways/guidelines.

* Support collaborative, peer-to-peer (decentralized) decision networks for sharing and discussing patients and approaches.

* Operate transparently and cost-effectively in existing IT systems while leveraging existing IT investments."

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