Friday, January 05, 2007

Personal Health Record LifeSensor®

Personal Health Record LifeSensor® : "LifeSensor bridges the communication gap between members of your health team by sharing accurate and up-to-date health information from different care settings in one view. This enhanced communication improves communications between healthcare professionals and you, resulting in improved quality of care and patient safety.

LifeSensor gives you the ability to assume greater responsibility for your self-care. Not only can you monitor and track data about your health on a regular basis, such as blood pressure, weight, or blood glucose levels, but also this vital information can be automatically uploaded from your monitoring device into your health record for real-time analysis and treatment intervention by your healthcare team.

Your electronic Personal Health Record enables you and your physician(s) to work together towards good health: Confidentially, Securely, and Reliably, Anytime, Anyplace"

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