Friday, January 12, 2007

CCR Standard -- AAFP Center for Health Information Technology

CCR Standard -- AAFP Center for Health Information Technology: "The ASTM CCR standard is a patient health summary standard, a way to create flexible documents that contain the most relevant and timely core health information about a patient, and to send these electronically from one care giver to another. It contains various sections -- such as patient demographics, insurance information, diagnosis and problem list, medications, allergies, care plan, etc. – that represent a “snapshot” of a patient’s health data that can be useful, even lifesaving, if available when patients have their next clinical encounter. The ASTM CCR standard is designed to permit easy creation by a physician using an electronic health record software program (EHR) at the end of an encounter.

Because it is expressed in the World Wide Web standard language known as XML, the CCR can be created, read and interpreted by various EHRs from various software companies. The ability to share information across different software is known as “interoperability.” "

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