Saturday, January 20, 2007

Health Implications of EHRs - Accenture

Health Implications of EHRs " Patients obviously have strong emotional content as regards their own care but even more so the care of their loved ones. The personal health record (PHR) will increase the probability that the individual will become even more
involved in the choices to be made about themselves and their loved ones. Professionals providing that care have a deeper emotional commitment to their caregiving than may be found in almost any other field of human endeavor. Any activities that have direct or even indirect impact upon patient care cannot help but be seen through the lens of the human aspect of caring for people. "

I am impressed ! When talking about PHRs, Accenture is no longer talking about just the bottom-line, the cost saving or the ROI - they are talking about the human benefits of the PHR. I think this benefit ( emotional peace of mind) may well become the key catalyst for encouraging widespread adoption of the PHR !

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