Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MedBilling Live - Instant Medical Billing for your Practice

MedBilling Live - Instant Medical Billing for your Practice: "MedBilling Live is here to help. You can concentrate on providing healthcare and running your practice while we handle your billing.

Bill Anyone. Bill Anytime. Bill Instantly.
MedBilling Live can bill all healthcare plans including Medicare and Medicaid. Whether you are billing government based payers or private insurance companies - MedBilling Live can handle it. We take a different approach to billing. With HIPAA, insurance policies and medical billing practices changing all the time, you need a system that will change with them. All of our software is centrally hosted off of our servers. When a change comes down and needs to be implemented, you do not need to upgrade all of your computers or your software. We do it all from our servers and the end result is billing that 'just works' for you. No more paying a computer technician to install software, no more time out of your day to install upgrades. In fact, you won't even notice changes in most instances. "

One of the major hassles of running a medical practise today is collecting payment from the third-party payer. This sort of web-based real-time billing will help to improve a doctor's efficiency considerably ! And since it will impact the bottom-line, I guess a lot of doctors will adopt this.

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