Tuesday, January 16, 2007

iCONSULT - Products

iCONSULT - Products: "iCONSULT is the 'connector' that integrates our clinical reference content with your EHR. iCONSULT uses information directly from the patient record to select relevant information, without the need to log in, run searches, and scan through long lists of hits."

Add-on products like this are what are going to make EMRs so useful for doctors. So far, the EMR has just been a digital alternative to the paper medical record. Clinical decision support systems such as iCONSULT are a major value add, because they enhance the value of the EMR by offering useful customised relevant information to the doctor at the time he is entering the data into the medical record. Information at the point of use is a potential killer app !

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