Sunday, January 28, 2007

Health 2.0: Do-it-yourself health care has arrived

Health 2.0: Do-it-yourself health care has arrived : "We all know the health-care system is a $2 trillion dinosaur of the way-old economy. So where's the opportunity in that? Everywhere. But forget about trying to drag doctors, insurers, and hospitals into the Internet age. That was Health 1.0. Instead, if you're looking to start a health-related business, focus on the real customers - you know, the ones formerly known as patients. First they used the Net to educate themselves and shake up the medical establishment's Marcus Welby-era doctor-knows-best mentality. Now they're starting to control their own medical spending. Thanks to health savings accounts, people are moving over to 'consumer-directed health plans' - you, the patient, get a health-care budget from your employer and manage your expenses accordingly. That means you'd better shop around before opting for a $2,000 MRI."

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