Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Intelligent Medical Objects

Intelligent Medical Objects: "MO's Personal Health Terminology (PHT) is a suite of vocabulary products that help people manage their health information. IMO's robust, user-friendly vocabularies contain user-specific and familiar words and phrases, allowing clinicians, information management professionals, and patients alike to find and record the terms they need quickly and easily. PHT's crosslinks to standardized vocabularies such as MeSH, UMLS and SNOMED® CT help to easily connect providers and patients with the patient record, administrative information, academic references, and consumer information. Health care professionals can focus on patient care, while IMO provides connectivity to decision-support, billing and information for them and their patients.

Most importantly, IMO's PHT allows health care organizations and software developers to focus on the work that they need to do and not worry about creating and maintaining their own health data dictionaries."

These clever tools can help patients to make sense of the medical jargon in their PHR !

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