Monday, January 22, 2007

HealthNex: IBM Advocates for Patient-Centric Healthcare

HealthNex: IBM Advocates for Patient-Centric Healthcare: "'The will to create this patient-centric healthcare model is fundamental,' says McCulloch, 'but equally important is creating interoperable IT infrastructures that connect hospitals, agencies, research institutions — just about everyone who has a hand in shaping healthcare for individuals and populations.'

In lobbying for a transformation of the current U.S. healthcare system, McCulloch and IBM colleagues, such as Dr. Martin Sepulveda, vice president, Global Well-being Services & Health Benefits, begin their advocacy work by focusing on a problem that inhibits the development of a truly patient-centered model. One of IBM's recommendations is to create a reimbursement structure that primarily rewards providers for increasing patient health — instead of rewarding providers for seeing as many patients as possible, as is the case today."

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