Sunday, January 14, 2007

Myths About Patient Involvement

Myths About Patient Involvement " The perception of patients as lacking the basic skills to be trusted with any real power or influence in the health service, is linked to the perception of empowered patients as “atypical” and therefore not to be taken too seriously. Patients are no more and no less intelligent than the general population, since we are the general population: we are, when not wearing a hospital gown, parents, teachers, lawyers, builders, policemen, and plumbers.
We are apparently responsible enough to decide whom to marry, whom to vote for, where to live, and whether or not to have children. Surely we can be trusted to participate in healthcare policy too, and at a level above that of menu choices and d├ęcor decisions. If we lack anything, it is not intelligence or judgement, but training and information. That can and must be provided."

This is a refreshing breath of fresh air from an articulate and well-informed patient ( may their tribe increase !)

The patient is not a fool - she is your wife !

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