Friday, January 12, 2007

New healthcare record standard

New healthcare record standard: "A revolutionary new ASTM International standard will change the way in which healthcare professionals preserve and transfer healthcare information about their patients. The standard, E 2369, Specification for Continuity of Care Record (CCR), was developed by Subcommittee E31.28 on Electronic Health Records, which is under the jurisdiction of Committee E31 on Healthcare Informatics. The Continuity of Care Record is a core dataset to be sent to the next healthcare provider whenever a patient is referred, transferred, or otherwise uses different clinics, hospitals, or other providers. The CCR will bring an end to physicians and other healthcare professionals having to act 'blindly,' without easy access to relevant patient information. It will provide the necessary information to support continuity of care, thus reducing medical errors, achieving higher efficiency, and creating better quality of care."

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  1. The CCR is an excellent means to exchange a patients health summary. Just as important, you don't need an EMR/EHR system to generate a CCR, some vendors offer "CCR editing tools" so that you can create, view and/or edit a CCR. In addition, the CCR is now the basis for personal health records (PHR).

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