Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Doc, give me a baby !

This is the commonest request new patients have when they come to me for a consultation. While it's a completely honest cry from the heart, unfortunately it's not a very sophisticated or helpful way of talking to a doctor. I tell patients that they need to think through their options carefully so that I can help them more effectively - I need their help in order to help them !

Infertility treatment is always elective - it's taken by choice. It's never an emergency, and there are always multiple options available to couples. For example, these include: childfree living; adoption; or medical treatment ( including IVF and the use of donor eggs and donor embryos). While all these are perfectly valid solutions, patients need to decide which option they prefer, so I can then help them achieve their goal.

This means that it's not enough for them to allow the infertility specialist to tell them what to do - they need to provide their inputs, so that with a little help from me, together we can achieve their heart's desire.

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