Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DrScore :: improving patient care

DrScore :: improving patient care: "Ratings and comments submitted to DrScore are designed to give feedback to physicians to help them enhance their medical practice. DrScore is not a regulatory body and is not an appropriate venue for issues that need the attention of state or professional authorities."

However, I think there's just one problem with this.
Good doctors ( the ones who will check for patient feedback will most probably have good scores.)The bad doctors ( the ones with the poor scores who need to improve) will never check, because they don't care what their patients think of them !

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts on I started DrScore to help doctors get feedback from patients and to help patients see the quality of medical care. Hundreds of doctors are already asking their patients to give them feedback by doing ratings on DrScore.

    My sense is you may be underestimating doctors when you talk about the "bad" ones. All the doctors I've seen first hand are working hard to give their patients great medical care. I think there's a real bias in what we see about medicine, though. Even doctors have a tendency to see other doctors' failures-- I'm a dermatologist, and it isn't likely that one of the patients I cure is going to see another dermatologist for that problem. The only time I see one of my colleagues' patients is when the patient wasn't cured. That doesn't mean my colleagues aren't doing a good job.

    DrScore will let the public see how doctors are really doing. For the most part, doctors seem to be doing great. Of all the doctors with 20 or more ratings at DrScore, 98% of average patient satisfaction scores of 8 out of 10 or higher. My average score is 9 out of 10, but that still leaves me in the bottom 25% of the doctors!

    I think doctors do care what their patients think. If there is a doctor with a really low score, they'll want to know and will want to take action to make their patients more satisfied. Either way, making the average scores public is good for the public and good for doctors.


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