Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Listen to the patient - please !

Listen to the patient - please !: "The majority of executives within healthcare are far too focused on the people inside the walls and are missing the trends on the outside. They are not listening to the health consumer – their customer. I hope to provide a clear voice to that end.

You see, I am “that patient” that you see in the statistics. I’m one of the 59% of U.S. adults who would like to communicate with their physician online, and I have changed doctors based on their willingness to communicate by email as 43% of Americans indicate an inclination to do. I am one of the 2/3 of Americans who care about hospital quality measures – I look at them and I understand what they mean.

In short, I am a health consumer who is “in-play” with the opportunity and the inclination to look at options for receiving care. So I hope that you will take what I have to say to heart.

You see, I can manage nearly every part of my life online. Why can't I manage my health too ? "

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