Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why take charge of your own medical information?

Why take charge of your own medical information? "Every time you visit a new doctor or other health professional, a new medical record is created for you. The record only covers the current consultation and parts of your health history the healthcare provider thinks are relevant - and that you can remember! Each provider has their own record on you, and nobody shares.

Now things are different! You can quickly and easily create your own health record - a MyLife™ Health Record.

With MyLife™, your personal medical information belongs to you - instead of being regarded as the property of each different provider you visit. You decide exactly who can view it and who can update it. This might include your regular doctor, physiotherapist, pharmacist, hospital or even an overseas specialist if you're traveling. If required, new information can be added automatically from pathology services, hospital records and doctors’ computer systems.

Sharing your medical information in this way reduces the likelihood of errors in your treatment resulting from healthcare providers not being able to access important information about your previous illnesses. Did you know that one in twenty people who enter a hospital either die or are harmed by their treatment? Over half of these errors are caused by communication problems.

A MyLife™ Health Record is absolutely private and confidential. Your information is secured in the same way that banks use to keep their clients data (and money) safe."

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