Monday, October 23, 2006

A unique Indian experiment in online medical publishing

A unique Indian experiment in online medical publishing : "An innovative experiment in publishing by a doctor in Mumbai has sparked off a wide range of academic publications, giving authors hundreds of new readers and a genuine chance to create relevant new knowledge.

Mumbai-based Medknow is an open publishing firm that creates academic (mostly medical) journals, puts them online, and makes them accessible to all.

While sharing all this useful information without a fee, it makes a tidy profit for itself and also builds readership and credibility for both the journals and the authors.

Started by Dev Kumar Sahoo, a doctor, Medknow Publications Pvt Ltd promises to 'provide solutions for the scientific publishing community, helping in publication and dissemination of research and thus converting research to knowledge.'

'We now have 33 journals being published by us,' Sahoo told IANS. Journals published include the Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, and a range of other technical and scholarly publications."

This is a treasure trove of quality peer-reviewed medical information - by Indians, from Indians, for Indians !

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