Monday, October 02, 2006

Music Therapy

Music Therapy : "Even cows and hens increase their yield when exposed to soothing music. But humans, assaulted day-long by hooting horns and other civilisational cacophony (including crappy music), have yet to wake-up to the impact of music on health. Alfred Tomatis, M.D. and pioneer in music therapy, has stacked up evidence to suggest that listening to classical music was better `than two cups of coffee’. Another doctor likened 30 minutes of music to ten milligrams of valium. But music provides more than a high. Research proves music can lower heart, breath rate, blood pressure, affect brain waves positively, is a muscle relaxant and effective pain-killer, improve post-surgical healing rate, distract from the pain of migraines, release feel-good neuro-chemicals called endorphins, control stress hormones and spastic muscle spasms, shorten labor and improve well-being of new-borns."

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