Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The MIT CDM Guardian Angel Project

The MIT CDM Guardian Angel Project: "Guardian Angel depends on having a comprehensive life-long record of the individual's health-related information. In our view, this records needs to have the following characteristics:

* owned, controlled by, and managed by the patient
* universally available (via the World Wide Web),
* but with access controlled by the patient, who can make data available to selected others, and can enable selected others to annotate or augment data
* able to capture, in some form, absolutely any kind of information relevant to the patient's health; this means inputs via structured, standardized protocols such as HL7 or DICOM, but also by fax, scanning paper or film, dictation, email, observation via video cameras, etc.
* secure and authenticated, to assure that only those reliably known to be allowed access can get at or augment the data
* based on public standards and protocols, to help support life-long persistence and utility".

What I find amazing is that this viewpoint was first articulated in 1994 ! The time to implement this is right now - we finally have the tools and technology to do so !

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