Sunday, October 15, 2006

Egg donors looking for prospective couples

I received an interesting email today.
" Dear Doctor,I have come to know about your clinic through related websites on these
topics. I would like to become an egg donor or a surrogate mother (either
Traditional or Gestational) or both as you and / or your patient may find my
suitability.I am fully aware of the medical procedures, its implications, expectations from me, etc. I am looking for a reasonably affluent intending couple who can provide me above average compensation (for example something similar to
a level which between what Indians normally offer and what western countries
such as USA offer) so that the same can be utilized by me to provide a
better future for my twin kids. I am also aware that, normally clinics or doctors do not involve into the aspect of providing the egg donors and surrogate mothers and the patients themselves are expected to arrange this service provider directly. In the
absence of a proper intermediary agency, this is a difficult task where the
couples do not know how to locate people like me and people like me do not
know how to locate a prospective Intending couple. Hence, your assistance is very essential and will be highly regarded by me."

I think this is a clever use of the internet, which allows donors and recipients to get in touch with each other directly, without the use of an intermediary !

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