Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The need for a PHR

The need for a PHR : "Guardian Angel is a collaborative project, begun in 1994 to put power and responsibility for health care more into the hands of patients. The informal arguments for this are simple:
* Multidisciplinary and multi-institutional health care means that every patient will encounter many care providers over a lifetime.
* Providers and their institutions seem not to have incentives to share their data with others (e.g., they might fear competition), hence it is practically impossible for a patient to reconstruct a lifetime of health data.

Consider the following questions:
o Who cares most about your health?
o Who is always around to pay attention to your health on an ongoing basis, not just at scheduled office visits?
o Who constantly observes how you're feeling, how your body reacts to interventions?
o Who best knows how you would trade off different risks, pain, bother, costs?
o Who charges least for providing these services?

Of course, the answer to all of these is you ! "

This is one of the most eloquent arguments I have read for why we all need a PHR !

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