Saturday, October 07, 2006

Unnecessary angiograms

Heart disease is one of the "big killers" - and angiograms are one of medicine's most profitable procedures. Unfortunately, they are overused and misused. Here's a chillingly true story I read in Dr Levine's book, What Your Doctor Won't ( Or Can't) Tell You. " At a recent meeting of cardiologists, members were asked three questions . They were asked to raise their hands if they thought some of their colleagues performed unnecessary angiograms on patients . Almost all those present raised their hands . They were then asked if they knew someone in that room who performed unindicated angiograms and again almost everyone raised his hand . Finally , they were asked if they ever performed nonindicated cardiac catheterizations. This time , not surprisingly , no one raised his hand ! " This would be funny if it weren't so true ! The message is simple - let the patient beware . The book is a goldmine of useful information - and is a very enjoyable read as well - buy it !

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