Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busting myths about mental illness in India

Busting myths about mental illness in India: " NAMI's mission is: To help in the eradication and treatment of mental illness in India by integrating and involving consumers, mentally challenged people, doctors, healthcare workers, Government and other sections of society.
1. To eradicate the stigma associated with mental illness in our society.
2. To make available treatment and medication to all sections of society.
3. To be a nodal agency to support the rights of persons who are or have been treated for mental illness.
4. To help in the reintegration of people with mental illness in our society."
The great thing about running HELP , the world's largest patient education library, is that I meet so many interesting people. One who has especially impressed me is Akila Maheshwari, who runs NAMI, which aims to dispel the myths about mental illness in India. What is really unusual about her is that she has schizophrenia - and is proud of it. Life has served her lemons - from which she has made lemonade, which she shares with the rest of the world !

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