Saturday, October 28, 2006

HealthBlog : Medicine on the Net: If not now, when?

HealthBlog : Medicine on the Net: If not now, when?: "When you consider that somewhere between 25 and 40 percent of all primary care visits could be augmented or replaced with information and services provided on the Net, one might wonder why we don't see more of this? Lack of reimbursement is likely the primary barrier.

I hope very soon, the barriers will come down and providers who wish to provide e-health services to their patients can be rewarded for doing so. I hope government will conclude that the provision of health information and certain kinds of medical services via the Web is not only reimbursable, but absolutely a cornerstone of modern healthcare delivery. Only then will we see the rise of an Internet-enabled, global healthcare delivery system reaching its full potential. "

I agree that if doctors could charge for e-visits, many more of them would offer these ! I don't charge for emailing my patients - but I find it's so cost effective
( no time is wasted on telephone tag ; and since everything is documented, there is no confusion) that I would find it expensive to stop doing so !

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