Thursday, October 26, 2006

Medcyclopaedia - Library

Medcyclopaedia - Library: " is a text, media and feature rich web site addressing the information needs of medical professionals around the globe. Here, among other high quality pieces of content, you will find the complete on-line edition of the Encyclopaedia of Medical Imaging, the complete on-line edition of A Global Textbook of Radiology, as well as several hundred carefully chosen chapters from the ESNR CD-ROM series. For the registered medical professionals, all images come in higher resolution - i.e. diagnostic top quality - and all images can be magnified and brightness adjusted on-line and in real time as you view the images on your monitor. All together, right here at your fingertips, you have a medical multi media library that covers more than 18,000 firmly explained medical topics and that contains more than 10,000 images and media clips - resources that you are permitted to borrow for your own non-commercial use, for instance in lectures, articles, and publications - provided that you acknowledge to the source: by GE Healthcare."

Every once in a while, I come across a gem of a medical website - and this is one of those ! It's everything a radiologist needs to know - available at one place, free !

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