Friday, October 27, 2006


WHAT IS SELF-MEDICATION ?: " The use of medicines available without prescription is nowadays generally accepted as an important part of healthcare. It is in line with the growing desire of everybody to take more responsibility for their own health. When practised correctly, self-medication can also save expenses for the national healthcare systems.

Medical doctors agree that:

1. Self-medication is the use by patients of non-prescription medicines for symptoms and minor ailments.
2. The patient bears the full responsibility for his own treatment. Therefore it is important to read the leaflet/label carefully.
3. Medical doctors and community pharmacists have a very important role to play in providing assistance, advice and information to the patients about self-medication and the rational use of medicines. Medicines manufacturers are the basic information providers on medicinal products.
4. The period for which you can self-medicate will vary according to circumstances, but should not normally be longer than three to seven days. "

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